Biggest Secret of Success - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari

Sandwip Maheshwari

You know there is one guy who used to study 6 hours per day for the whole year and still gets only 60% marks in his exams, and there is another guy who used to study only 2 hours per day for the whole year and he gets 90% marks in his exams! So, why this happens? Why very few of us can become successful, even when we all have the same amount of resources available? Any guess? You may say it's because someone's concentration power is more, or someone's focus power is more, I mean someone is giving his 100% and others are not doing that.

Biggest Secret of Success - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari
Biggest Secret of Success - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari

Right? Now let me ask you one thing, what do you think the competitors in the Olympic who are playing for their country, among them who does not give his 100%? Still, someone wins gold, someone silver & someone bronze. So what is the difference between the guy who wins gold & the one who wins silver? If I ask you to say it in one word, what should be your answer? It should be aware.

One of them has a higher level of awareness than others. That's the secret. Look, both the students read in the same school, both have the same teachers, the same books, the same resources still one becomes able to grasp the knowledge very fast while the other is not being able to do so. So, why it is happening? Because one is more aware at the time of studying and the other is not. One of them only focuses on a study at the time of studying while the other may be used to do multitasking at the time of studying. Maybe one is more aware in the case of music, but everyone is forcing him to study, and while studying, he is continuously thinking about music. Since from our childhood, our parents, our teachers all are forcing us to concentrate on our studies, but no one is telling how? How to concentrate?

Biggest Secret of Success

When there are already lots more other things available, those are more interesting than this. You know why? Because they also don't know the answer. So here today I'm going to share the answer with you, how to increase our awareness or concentration or our focus power. It is a 3 step process. You have to work upon yourself in 3 different levels. Body, mind & soul. The first one is the body.

Unless & until your body is with you, you cannot concentrate properly. It is hard to focus on when you are physically ill. So first you have to work on your body. After waking up in the morning the first thing you have to do is to get rid of the lethargic mode, for this, you can refer to oil pulling, or drinking a glass of lemon water. Soon after that, you have to do some basic stretching, a little pushups or chin-ups, because if you fail to activate your body in the morning you will never be able to do so for the rest of the day. And for the whole day, you will be hanging around like a zombie.

Now the next one is mind. The body is nothing in itself without the mind. The mind is everything, it is controlling our body. All the energies for our body is supplied by our mind. Mind is the main machine. So you have to learn to use it properly & not to be used by it readily. You are going to try to control the mind, which is the most powerful thing in the universe, so obviously you will need some tools to control this beast. Breath is the thing that connects the mind with the body, and you can control your breath whenever you wish. So here is the key, breath is the tool that can help us to control our minds.

Take a long deep breath before you start doing any job where you need to stay focused. A very simple technique, still much much effective. Just try it once. Take a long deep breath and gather all your focus from all the different things and then throw it on only one thing that matters most at that time and See the difference yourself. The third and last one is the soul. There is an upper limit up to which you can grow by working on the level of your body & mind. But if you want to cross all the limits in this world, then you will have to work on the level of your soul. And the one and only way to do so is meditation. Everything is outside in the level of body and mind, but if you want to work on the level of soul, you have to look into inside. This is the only way to get the powers from the inner self and this thing can transform anyone into a success magnet. And you know it's so easy to meditate. You have no need to jab some mantras or no need to sit in some difficult posture for a long time.

Real meditation is, sitting peacefully somewhere and observing what is going inside. Observing what are the thoughts currently running in the mind. In fact, meditation is like a game of watching our thoughts. Just try it once and see, the moment you try to watch your thoughts, it vanishes. Because of the fact, that all the thoughts are just an illusion. That's call real meditation. So, now if I summarize the whole video, to increase our awareness, focus or concentration power, we have to work on 3 levels. In the level of the body by exercising and proper dieting, in the level of mind by using our breath as a tool and in the level of soul by meditating.
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