Hard Work Leads to Failure By Sandwip Maheshwari

Sandwip Maheshwari

hi I am Shu moon welcome you back to solution for life problems. today is Sunday so here I am bringing you another useful topic as I have promised. in my last video today I am going to challenge one of your biggest, beliefs which you may, have varying scenes from your childhood, it is also one of your strongest. believes that is you need to work very hard if you want to become successful in any field before watching something measure is past life-changing

Hard Work Leads to Failure  By Sandwip Maheshwari
Hard Work Leads to Failure  By Sandwip Maheshwari

Similar I also used to believe the same but now I believe in something else that is if you are working hard that indicates, you are moving towards the failure sounds little crazy right now let me explain this one just tell me among us who work most hardly a laborer addiction peeler right then why not they become successful. that indicates there somewhere is a disconnection between success and hard work just like there is no connection between getting up early and becoming successful. but that doesn't mean that without doing any work you can become successful, no never it is possible.

Hard Work Leads to Failure 

let me give some example suppose your favorite sports is football now if you are given every. day for two hours to play football then will it be hard work. for you or suppose you are dancing in a party for one hour after dancing, do you say oh I have done a very hard work no you say I am very happy I have enjoyed a lot today so my brothers keep playing football for two hours or dancing for one hour is not a hard work.

Then is it very hard work to working a computer sitting in one place in an air-conditioned room. for five hours yes or no or yes now notice it carefully the work which you love to do if you have to do even 5 hours a day it is not painful. for you but the work. which you. have to do if you have to do even 5 minutes in a day it is painful, for you so if you are working, hard that indicates you are going towards the failure, so if you want to go towards the direction of success, you have to do something else for this you have only two options and these are one start enjoying whatever you are doing currently find such a way so that it becomes interesting is picked about how much boring it is so that you can enjoy now second option if the work is so much boring that you think.

it can never be for you stop doing it and start doing something, else in which you find interest which you can enjoy if you are doing something, other than these two then only you are working, hard and then you are going towards. the failure for example suppose there is a kid from his childhood he opens every electronic device and then we fix, them starting from toys TV to even computers everything means he is interested in doing such work now.

when he grew up his parents tell him we think you should go for steal you can see your uncle Sun Hat dance here and now he is doing a job in USA and how much money he is earning today an admitted him in a college for doing, C in a course in he has no interest at all so now complete his GA he needs to work her even after completing the CA what will happen to him in the future no one knows maybe he would need to work hard for the rest of his life after that now if the same one would have been admitted to engineering college...

he is now opening and he fixing, toys but then he might even open an airplane and he fix it and to do so he wouldn't make any, hard work. at all and also he will become successful in never try to work hard in anything whenever. it seems that you are working hard just use one of those two options because hard work always leads to failure thanks for watching this video, I will be back on the next Sunday with another useful topic till then stay positive stay motivated and keep enjoying your work 
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