How To Become Successful On Youtube - Honest Youtube Success Tips

How To Become Successful On Youtube

Imagine there are two restaurants. In one of them, the interior design is very good, service is also very fast. But the taste of the food in this restaurant is very poor. The price of the food for these two restaurants is also the same. So in which restaurant you want to eat? Obviously in that restaurant which provides tasty food. Like this, imagine there are two YouTube channels. That means the content is neither interesting nor funny. Even it doesn't help us with anything in our life. Now, what is the meaning of valuable content?

How To Become Successful On Youtube - Honest Youtube Success Tips
How To Become Successful On Youtube - Honest Youtube Success Tips

A valuable content is that, which provides some real values in your life, it may be about something that can provide knowledge or comedy or music or about anything else. It means, when you are sad it makes you happy when you are in a problem it brings a solution to that problem or at least when you are bored, it removes your boredom. Obviously of that channel which provides better content. So as the taste of the food is the most important thing in a restaurant, the content of the videos is also the most important thing for a youtube channel in the same way.

You may ask any successful YouTuber, everyone will tell you this. Because it is the truth. Those who have overcome the struggling period on YouTube do know that the growth of the channel did happen from when the content of their videos started to become great. So smart idea 1: first focus on your content Now imagine that there is a bodybuilding competition in which you want to come first. And you have never been to the gym and have not done any kind of exercise before. So what you need to do first if you want to fulfill this wish? You have to join a gym and have to be consistent with the gym. That means, it is not that you will go back to back 2 days, then you will vanish for 7 days.

If you do this, neither your muscles will grow nor will you be allowed to take part in that competition. The same is also applicable to YouTube. In every minute, videos of 300 hours get uploaded on YouTube. Now if you want to learn swimming in this big ocean what will you need most? Patience with consistency. You will not become a bodybuilder after going to a gym for just one day. Likewise, your channel will not become successful after uploading just 1 video. Just as you have never been to the gym before, likewise you have not made any videos before. So as, if you become consistent in going to the gym your muscles will develop. So as after being consistent with the gym, you will be able to take part in a bodybuilding competition. Likewise, if you stay consistent on YouTube, your YouTube channel will one day make its own space on YouTube. You just have to stay consistent till the time that needed for growing up the muscles. The rest will be handled by YouTube.

You don't need to worry about it. Now we everyone knows this. But why can't we stay consistent? To me, the big reason for this is the expectation. You did upload videos daily for 1 month. Views didn't come. And then you quit. So what is this? Will you be able to make a body like Hritik Roshan after going to the gym just for 1 month? But if you want to take part in that competition, don't you have to make a body like Hrithik Roshan? If you want to have as many viewers as your favorite YouTuber has then you will have to post as many videos as your favorite YouTuber has posted for the same time span. After that, you may expect that you will get thousands or millions of views. You can see any YouTube channel, you may not find any one channel which has uploaded videos daily for the last 2 or 3 years but still have not crossed 100k subscribers.

idea 2: consistency is the key If a customer comes to your restaurant, you obviously want that this customer will come to your restaurant again, and if possible he will also bring some of his friends with him. So for this, the first important thing is that the food has to be great.

The next thing is how you will treat him. And the possibility of his coming to the restaurant next time with his friends will increase. And if you do opposite to this, that means if you behave rudely, or you give bad service then next time he will definitely not come and moreover he will also suggest his friends not to come. Likewise, if you give replies to the comments made by the viewers in your videos and make them happy, then the chances will increase that they will also share your videos with their friends. And more shares results in quick growth. So always respect your viewers. Because, without them, your channel is worth nothing.

So smart idea 3: build up community Without these, there are also many things that are essential to become successful on YouTube. Those are titles, thumbnails, description, collaboration, marketing, etc. But I think these 3 c's- content, consistency, and community, are the most important things among them. So if I represent these things according to their importance in a pi chart, then it will look like this - 50% for content, 25% for consistency, 15% for community and 10% for the remaining things. You must remember - "patience is always the key to success." At last, if you like this video, then please share it with your YouTuber friends who are also struggling to create some own space on YouTube. And please let us know by commenting below on which topic you would love to watch the next video, because our main aim is to help you. MORE WISDOM, MORE SOLUTION, BETTER LIFE. 
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