How To Control Organs - Motivational

How To Control Organs

"Still the food is not ready! Every day, I get late for this" Then there is a loud screaming. Anger is a normal emotion just like any other emotion, which can be beneficial for us to a limited extent. For example, to energies us to do something, or like when there is really something necessary needed to be said but we are unable to express it because of the lack of courage, so anger can help to let it out.

These are the good aspects of anger, but if the limit is crossed then perhaps there is no worse emotion than anger. Because the level of excess anger or short temp, increases our blood pressure, damages our heart, ruins our relationships and in various other ways, it can affect negatively our life. Just like the toilet, if anger comes out at the wrong time at the wrong place, it can create many problems. So learning to control anger is a very important skill. So, today in this video i will share with you the best possible easiest ways to control our anger. So let's start.

How To Control Organs - Motivational
How To Control Organs - Motivational 

Smart idea 1: 3 seconds rule Scientific researches have shown that the sensation that is produced due to the short temper is usually stable for only 2.5sec. It means that the unbearable feeling, that we feel just before expressing out our anger, stays only 2.5 sec. During this time, if we react, those feelings start to regenerate themselves again and again and we become more angry. But if we can pass those 2.5 seconds without acting upon it, then after this short period we get rid of that sensation and then we get back our control on ourselves. So in this case you need to follow a 3second rule.

That is, whenever you are having that sensation you just need to give yourself a 3second pause. For this you can use any technique that suits you, you can reversely count from 10 to 1 or you can take 3 deep breaths. Just like the bulls do, when they see a red piece of cloth. The difference is that it makes the bulls more angry but deep breathing can make you calm. Because if you can pass those 3 seconds without reacting to it, then the sensation will be vanished.

I have shared 2 techniques with you, you can also find countless techniques by yourself. Like, shifting your focus to any distant object or by making a fake smile, the main objective is to pass 3seconds without reacting on it. It will help you the most to control your anger at that very moment. But these are temporary solutions, if we want a permanent solution, that is to say removing the anger from its roots, then for that, we need to do something else. The next two smart ideas are about it.

Smart idea 2: Exercise Try 2 different experiments in two different days, One day morning, just after waking up, take your phone in your hand and start surfing it. Start your morning by doing facebook , WhatsApp before even leaving your bed. And spend the rest of the day by hooking to your mobile, laptop, watching tv, movies and notice how your mood remains in the evening. Is it irritating or joyful. And on another morning right after you wake up start your day by exercising.

Have a jog or a walk in the park. And then have a healthy breakfast and start doing productive work which you love to do. And spend the rest of the day doing works like this and if possible try to do some basic exercises again in the evening. And finally, get fresh in the evening and notice how your mood remains on that day, is it irritating or joyful. You don't need to believe someone's words of mouth, just try it yourself, 2things in two different days. Due to exercise, our body secrets a hormone called Endorphins. Which is also called feel-good hormone.Because it reduces our stress level and helps to keep our minds happy. And if we are happy then anger is in our control naturally.

Smart idea 3: Proper food & sleep Many people underestimate these two things-sleep and food. There are many people who spend sleepless nights and are not having healthy food at the right time and then they get irritated with the feeling that why am I getting angry at so little. It is needless to say if we are not having the proper amount of sleep and food in the correct manner then our mood will be irritating. We all know it by the practical knowledge of our life but in our busy life yet we mostly try to compromise on these two things. In spite of knowing that we have to go to the office or college at 7am, we stick to a mobile or computer till 3 or 4am.

Then having a half-sleep and getting up late we get out for office in an empty stomach without having breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. Having this same routine every day, we still expect to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. I don't know-how is that possible. If we really want peace of mind, and want to remove negative emotions like stress or anger from the roots, and don't want a short term but a long term solution, then there is only one way. We have to keep your body and mind healthy and that is possible by exercise, proper food, and sufficient sleep. Only 3 things where one should not do any compromise. But the fun fact is that we do compromise most on these 3 things. And for that, our mind is getting more angry more irritating day by day. There is a remarkable saying about anger by Buddha, "Holding on to anger is like drinking poison, and expecting the other person to die" 
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