How To Control Your Mind - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari

I know, I should wake up early, I should exercise daily, I should eat healthy, I should study daily, but guess what, and I do none of these at all. I think nowadays this is the story of a maximum of us. We all know what is good for us, but we always end up doing something bad for us. There has been a huge gap generated between what we know and what we do.

How To Control Your Mind

How To Control Your Mind - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari
How To Control Your Mind - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari

So, why it is happening? If I say it in one word, because we have lost control over our mind, now the mind is controlling us. You want proof? Just try to observe a little deeply what I'm saying, nowadays we are always trying to avoid any kind of pain, for example exercising, studying and we are always trying to get more & more pleasure than the last time we had for example in case of drinking alcohol, social media addiction or playing video games. If today we are happy with one peg, the next day we want a little a bit more, maybe one & half peg. This is exactly what our mind wants from us, and we are doing the same. Hence it is proved, the mind is controlling us.

The mind never cares about the future, it only wants pleasurable experiences in every moment right now. Even if it destroys us completely shortly, the mind does not give any shit on that. And the scariest thing is that this mind is becoming heavier on us day by day. So, what is the solution? The one & only solution is our intelligence. The only thing which has the power to control our mind. We have to develop our intelligence so strong that it can overpower our minds. Now, you may ask, hey how can you say intelligence is more powerful than the mind? Let me give you a simple example, is there some kind of feelings generate in you when your mother touches you and when your girlfriend touches you? No, the feelings are very different from each other. So, why this happens? In the level of the mind there is no difference between your mother and your girlfriend, both of them are just a body that looks similar, but in the level of intelligence the relationships are strongly defined, mother means the goddess.

And that changes everything, your feelings, your emotion everything towards her. If we understand something very deeply and clearly, we get full control over us. The mind becomes zero, and then it quietly follows the intelligence. And you know it's a very easy two steps process. The first step is understanding. The food for our mind is experiencing. The more you provide pleasurable experiences, the more it becomes stronger. And the food for intelligence is understanding. The more you provide the right knowledge, the right information, the more it becomes stronger. So if you know something is wrong for you, and still day by day you are getting out of control on it, then it's time for you to feed your intelligence. Try avoiding to provide any more pleasurable experience associated with that thing to your mind, and start gathering very deeply the right information, right knowledge about that thing, in shortstop feeding your mind and start feeding your intelligence.

Sandwip Maheshwari

For example, suppose you know smoking is injurious to health, but you are getting out of control day by day, then try reducing or at least not to increase the number of cigarettes per day, and start gathering knowledge or information very deeply about how much it is harmful to your health. Then eventually, you will reach a state where your mind will get scared, it will become zero on you. Then automatically you will stop smoking anymore. The next step is practice. It has taken years to develop all the bad habits you have. And now you are trying to change their direction from bad to good. Till now you have developed a pattern where when you do something wrong only then you get pleasurable experiences, so to change the direction, you have to break this pattern, and to do so again you need years & years of practice.

The thing is not going to change in one day in any way. But, what we do, we go in extreme, and then after getting failed again & again, we say "oh! It's impossible for me". Suppose now you wake at 10 a.m. every day & from the next day onward you set a goal to wake up at 5 a.m. Obviously, you will fail, unless & until your intelligence is so strong about what you are doing. So, what you need to do, try to wake up at 9:30 for the next 7 days, and for the next 7 days at 9 a.m., and so forth. This way you can easily cheat your mind without letting him notice any kind of difference. Never try to get into the extreme unless your intelligence is so stronger than your mind.

Otherwise, you will definitely fail. So to conclude, to control our mind first we need to develop a deeper level of understanding by continuously feeding the right knowledge & right information and next, we need to slowly apply & practice that knowledge in our real life. The more our intelligence becomes stronger, the more we are in control of our life. And last but not least, Remember, either you control your mind or it will control you.
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