How To Focus On Study - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari

Sandwip Maheshwari

If you observe a little deeply you will find there are mainly two common biggest problems in every student's life number one how to stop going onto the wrong track that is addicted to smoking internet television and number two. how to start going onto the right track that is studying exercising so if we can just solve these two problems. our lives can become much better than now what it looks mobile itself is not a problem nor the Internet in fact they are very useful tools but the real problem, is our addiction to this few of us have become so educated that even while eating we are busy in capping with our friends. it has become like a bottle in the hand of a drunkard.

How To Focus On Study

How To Focus On Study
How To Focus On Study

So what is the solution there can be two types of solution one is in the supervision level, okay you need to increase your concentration power just google. it you will find a number of endless tips which of your mobile phone listen to some soft music while you are reading but you know these are not permanent solution the main problem is our interest we do not have any interest in studying how can we create that interest we do not want to study we are always forced to study.

the permanent solution should be something like even when the whole world asks you not to study still you say. no I have to study for this we need to find the root what is that main reason why we always make excuses when it comes to doing something. that is good for us why we do not have any interest in studying the answer is because there is no big reason for us to study or to exercise yes that is the root suppose you have lost in a desert and it has been two days past you are searching for water but you are unable to find even a drop, of it at this situation what will you drink up if you just go and read the experiences of those people who had gone through the similar kind of phase you will find they had consumed. their toilet water to survive this situation is there anybody would like to consume his toilet water without any reasons anybody...

I guess no so when the reason is huge we are ready to do anything and everything toilet water is just a little thing we can even drink up blood. if it comes to a life-and-death situation so all we need is a big reason a burning desire to do something now let us face. the reality if you have five subjects in your class most of the cases, you will head all five of them very few may like one or two out of them and there will be a risk of someone will like all five subjects...

so in one side there is you have to read something which you hate to do and on the other side there is watching videos, on YouTube, which you love to do so, what do you think which one, is your mind going to choose obviously the one you love to do and it will make excuses to avoid the mental pain caused by doing the things which you actually hate. to do but your life is going to become better only if you do those things which cause pain, no being all the fun is in doing the bad things and all the pain is in doing the good things so it's a great paradox. how can we get out of it how can we convince our mind to do such things which are painful but they are good for us our mind is just like a powerful horse and we are riding on it so now if we want to control.

This powerful horse we need a bridle and that bridle is our intelligence the mind is so powerful, that it cannot be stopped only its direction. can be changed but we invoke our intelligence we need a purpose a burning desire if a person, does not have any definite purpose in his life today or tomorrow the person is bound to go in the wrong direction in the near future the addictions. will attract the person towards them now Here I am NOT talking about goals I am talking about purpose a definite purpose because if there is a goal without any purpose then it is totally meaningless, now let us make a list of all these wrong tracks that most of the common people are walking out the first one is addiction goal achieved. let's string to that goal not achieved let's drink to that not just alcohol but starting from Facebook. to Whatsapp, to YouTube, all of this is the kind of addiction with anything and any situation or any state...

if you get attached that is considered. to be an addiction to the energies which are getting wasted in those addictions we need to change their direction we need to invest those energies in doing something good for us in exercising in playing in studying. because only then we can have a healthy life the next strong crack is sexual. pleasures see what is happening...

it is one of the biggest problems of a student's life but no one is talking about it parents are saying study studies teachers were saying study but no one is saying how to divert our attention, from all these attractive things and considered, on our studies no one is saying anything maybe because they also don't know the answer the only solution is we need some more powerful thing that can overpower the attraction of sexual pleasures...

And that one and only power is a positive desire to do something constructive not just for own self but for this whole world only then the direction can be changed. otherwise today or tomorrow these negative powers, will surely attract towards them the third one is food nowadays no one goes to waiting to actually celebrate, everyone goes there to eat food is also one of the biggest addiction keep swallowing your favorite food.

how good it is it doesn't affect anything at that time it effects on the next day morning if food is written to curved stomachs hunger then it is on Borgia but if it is written to curb my hunger then it is a poison we have to change our tastes from reach and first food to fruit and vegetables our energy should be invested to make this change. happen not to waste watching TV or playing video games the fourth wrong track is sleep oh I love to sleep the same as food sleep is ambush is which is taking in limit otherwise it's a poison last but not least is comedy there is same laughter is the best medicine. but there is a limit to how much medicine you should take otherwise is harmful drug laughter is the natural medicine to relax.

the tired brain suppose you are reading for two hours long continuously. after that then it is okay to watch a 15 minute. comedy video but if you were sharing all day long the funny messages over the word zap then definitely were walking on the on-track empty mind is the devil's workshop the key point is balancing we need to balance the pain with pleasure all of us want to become successful. in life but very few of us want to face the pain required to become successful. be very dear to your life's ultimate purpose if you still don't know what it is just keep saying this one line again and again in your mind I have to do something good. I have to do something good I have to do something good motivation that is coming from outside to inside has a limit but inspiration. that is going outside from inside that has no limits the day when it comes from your inside that yeah. I have to do something good and that green is also easy then who the hell can stop you that day you will do wonders.
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