How To Get Rich Fast - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari Fan

Sandwip Maheshwari

Becoming rich is not a luck, rather it is an art. The more you become a master in this art, the easier you get rich. So, how to master this art? In this video that is what I am going to share with you. So, let's start, It is a very easy 2steps process. Step 1: Observation The key to getting rich is observing reality,
How To Get Rich Fast - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari Fan
How To Get Rich Fast - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari Fan

Finding the real problems that have infinite possibilities of growth. There are many people who used to roam around with their weird business ideas, totally disconnected from reality. They are like, I'm going to make a chair, which will look like clouds and also it will float in the sky just like the clouds. And I will use gravitational force in such a manner so that the chair will never fell down. And I'm going to build a billion-dollar business with this chair. What is it? I'm not saying it is impossible, but there will be hundreds of years required to do this, it is not possible right now, that is for sure. We have to observe reality and find out real problems not imaginary. Let me give you one example.

How To Get Rich Fast

Today every person in his hand has a mobile phone, and many times mobiles need to get repaired. But, here the problem is the maximum of mobile repairing shops use to fool the customers. If they need just Rs. 20 part to fix the mobile, they say that it is a Rs. 200 part. Or sometimes, even when there is no need for any parts, still they keep the mobile for 1 or 2 days and then create a 200-300 Rs. bill for the same. So, the demand for a good and honest mobile repairing shop is increasing day by day. There is a small course of mobile repairing for a maximum of 6 months long. If you do that and open a simple mobile repairing shop with 100% honesty and transparency,

will people come to you or not? If you like others, to be honest with you, then obviously others also like the same. Here your focus should be solving the problem of honesty and transparency in the mobile repairing field. Solving this problem will automatically make you rich. Step 2: Keep growing Now suppose you have opened a shop and it is running very successfully. It has to be because it will be the only shop where people will be getting 100% transparency, their phones will be get repaired in front of their eyes and they will pay just according to the time it takes to repair the mobile. So, it is obvious after a time you will become very busy due to lots of people coming to you. Then you need to do something else. Immediately, you have to make a team with you by hiring other mobile repair mechanics. You need to become a job creator.

You should never get stuck at any point. After a few years maybe you can start another shop, then after a few more years maybe another. I'm pretty much sure you might also know someone in your locality, who started from a small shop in rent, then he bought it, after few years he bought a new shop just beside it and now he is having a huge business. So just like him, you can do it also. Suppose when you will have a well established mobile repairing shop, then you can also start the business of selling and buying second-hand mobile. And as you are a mechanic, by charging an extra small amount of fee you can also give a free 1year servicing warranty with that second hand mobile.

Can you imagine how much you can earn from this? Is there any upper limit in it? No! It is infinite. So, you just need to keep moving forward. I know still people will hesitate to start from a mobile repairing shop, this is because of their false ego. They will think it is below their standard. If this is the case with you, and you are an unemployed guy with a bachelor's or master's degree in your hand, then you need to ask a simple question to yourself? "Who the hell am I? Is any work small or big?". Every work has infinite possibilities of growth, if one can see it and change himself according to the need, he can easily become rich. I have learned these things from Sandeep Maheshwari's How to get rich sessions.

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