How To Stop Wasting Time - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari

How To Stop Wasting Time

While pursuing his degree at REED College, in Portland, Steve jobs was learning calligraphy in parallel, later in his life, he had stated that, while connecting the dots of his life, he found that in his life calligraphy had played a huge role for his success. According to Steve Jobs, you cannot connect the dots by looking into the future, you can only connect them by looking into the past. So you never know which thing in your life is going to make you successful in the future, then instead of wasting time on some shitty stuff, that are surely of no use at all, why not try as many things as possible? It is one of the most common problems in our youth generation;

Sandwip Maheshwari

we are always out of things to learn, even when there are thousands of useful things that are already available to us to learn and to grow ourselves. And the most important thing is, today most of these are totally free because of the Internet. But still, we are continuously killing our time unconsciously. So, in this video, I'm going to share with you few ideas, which if you want, you can easily implement to utilize your time instead of brutally killing it every day, which in result will also help you to overcome your laziness and the boredom. So, let's start...

How To Stop Wasting Time - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari
How To Stop Wasting Time - Motivational By Sandwip Maheshwari

Easy idea 1:
Always Keep Learning The key to utilize time is to always keep learning something, the moment this word "time pass" comes into our mind, we become dull. Life is too short to carelessly passing the time, every second should be utilized. If you are doing something bad, for example, you are smoking or drinking with your friends, then also don't consider it to be as time pass, try to learn something from it, observe deeply how a man reacts after getting drunk and then from your observation learn to grow out of it. If you are learning something, then bad work is also considered to be as good work. Alternatively, if you are doing something good, for example, you are studying engineering just because your parents told you to do so, and you are not learning anything from it, then this good work is also considered to be as a bad work. So, to enjoy & to utilize every moment of your life, always keep learning and keep growing.

Easy idea 2: Make yourself better The idea is never sit idle. Because once it becomes your habit to sit idle, it will be very much tough for you in the future to invest your energy in any work. If you sit idle, your friend circle will be influenced by those people who are also sitting idle, now when these kinds of people get together, what they usually do?

Gossiping about politics, neighbors, playing cards, drinking alcohol and lots of other useless things. If you really want to do at least something good in your life, then instead of sitting idle, try to learn something which makes you better than yesterday what you were. For example, you can join any free online English speaking course, or maybe you can invest your time in learning some computer courses, maybe photography, playing the guitar, why not! Invest your time in learning anything in which you are truly interested. It's your life and it is once, so please don't waste it.

Easy idea 3: Observe Deeply In case you are unable to find anything you feel interested in, then also you have something to do, to utilize your time. That is observing deeply. Believe me, it is so interesting as well as helpful also. For example, if you are studying engineering and you have nothing to do else, then you can invest your time in observing those people who had already passed engineering and working on those multinational companies in which you are planning to get a job. During the lunch break of their office time, you can go to them and asked them about their current situations, how are they feeling by working on those companies, what you should do extra to have an edge at the time of interview, what you should learn extra, they can guide you the best.

Or maybe if there is no other work at all, you can invest your time to observe yourself. Try to observe how our mind run after those attractions, how we waste our 5 hours unconsciously even when we open our Facebook just for 5 mins. If you can understand yourself very deeply, you will understand the whole of humanity, because everyone more or less thinks similarly. So observing is also a great way to utilize our time. Remember, "Everyday you waist, is another day, you won't get back"
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